Roland Pearsall is an exciting and energetic Boston based performer who has amassed a repertoire of 800 songs encompassing classic rock, blues, soul, garage rock, folk rock, rockabilly, psychedelia, R&B, country and the British Invasion. With a powerful and distinctive voice, rhythmic guitar playing and immensely likable sincerity, Pearsall tears through originals and covers with a fiery intensity that makes the old feel new.

Many of the tunes Pearsall performs are classics by artists such as the Beatles, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, the Rolling Stones, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Sam Cooke and Bo Diddley. He also enjoys more recent artists with a classicist approach, such as the Black Keys, Jack White, Ben Harper and Ray Lamontagne.

Roland Pearsall is a one-man dynamo who will bring joy to your audience. Depending on the context, he can incorporate comical banter and wild dance moves, and has the endurance to sing for several hours without repeating a song – a consummate entertainer who puts his all into every performance.

Sell Your Soul, his full-length debut album, was released December 2015. Containing eleven Pearsall originals, he played virtually all the instruments himself, including acoustic and electric guitars, organ, piano, harpsichord, harmonica, bass and drums. He also recorded, engineered, and mixed the album in his home studio.

As a lyricist, Pearsall is capable of writing both straightforward everyman anthems and near-mystical poetry. His songs run the gamut from intense guitar-driven garage punk (Aerosol Can, Sell Your Soul, Riding On, Next to You), beguiling minor key mystery (In the Night, You Won’t Be Seen), rootsy blues/soul (Hurricane’s Eye, Fog Country) and jangly folk rock (I Will Not, And We Meet). The versatility has paid off. Sell Your Soul has sold hundreds of copies locally, and received positive press reviews.

singer, songwriter, guitarist and performer